Drain Tracing Dye

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Drain Tracing Dye is used for detecting the flow of water in drains or pipes, identifying individual drain runs into a common gully, and tracing leaks in drains. Drain Tracing Dyes are supplied in 8oz poly-jars in a range of 5 colours – Green fluorescence, red, blue, yellow and violet. The Drain Dyes are made form 100% food grade products. Drain Tracing Dyes are non-toxic and odourless.

How to use
Use 5ml of Dye per 10 litres of cold water. A 200 gram jar of drain tracing dye will trace up to 15,000 litres in chemical free water.

The best method for mixing the Drain Tracing Dye is pouring it into a bucket of cold water. The Drain Tracing Dye can then be added to the flow of water in the drain, pipe or sewer.