Fire Beaters

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The Fire Beater is designed to knock down, smother, and extinguish a small grasslands or wildlands fire

  • Designed by a fire fighter for fire fighters
  • Extremely lightweight at only 2kg
  • extra-long 1650mm/65” shaft – keeps the fire fighter back from the heat
  • durable G.R.P shaft – no leaving the fire ground with broken shafts
  • 30mm /11/4 diameter shaft for reduced hand fatigue
  • Heavy duty but lightweight aluminium T shaped head to stiffen the rubber flap thus allowing a thinner / lighter flap to be used
  • 5ply vulcanised canvas reinforced rubber flap 400mm x 300mm / 16”x 12” – replacement flaps in different sizes are available if required
  • Bright yellow in colour for high visibility in low light
  • A bright red plastic shaft end cap for improved grip