First Aid Wall Charts

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Fully coloured illustrations
Clear step by step instructions.
Compiled by qualified health and safety practitioners.
Encapsulated finish for superior durability. 

Available in the below options

  • Ful SFP0020: SFA Chart Workplace First Aid,
  • SFP0022: SFA Chart First Aid for Eyes,
  • SFP0024: SFA Chart First Aid for Burns,
  • SFP0026: SFA Chart Safe Manual Handling,
  • SFP0028: SFA Chart Soft Tissue Injury,
  • SFP0030: SFA Chart Office Safety,
  • SFP0032: SFA Chart Resuscitation for Adults,
  • SFP0034: SFA Chart Electric Shock,
  • SFP0036: SFA Chart Chart Resuscitation for Children,
  • SFP0038: SFA Chart First Aid for Children,
  • SFP0040: SFA Chart Stress Management,
  • SFP0042: SFA Chart Chemical Spills,
  • SFP0044: SFA Chart Health & Safety for Computer Operators, S
  • FP0046: SFA Chart Slips, Trips and Falls,
  • SFP0048: SFA Chart Fire Safety,
  • SFP0050: SFA Chart Sharps Disposal
  • SFP0052: SFA Chart First Aid for Construction
  • SFP0054: SFA Chart AED & Defibrillationly updated with the latest guidance.