Heartsine Defibrillator PAD350P

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Part of the Stryker family, the PAD350P is one of the most popular AEDs in Ireland for many reasons. With a simple 2-button operation, the rescuer is guided by voice-prompts and visual icons throughout the rescue. As with all AEDs in the Stryker family, when this AED is used to save a life, we will donate a free PAD to the survivor as part of Stryker’s ‘Forward Heart’s’ programme. We have donated over 40 PADs so far. The PAD350P is a low-cost defibrillator with some great features.


– Connectable to the internet for Automatic Monitoring
– Guaranteed Irish Product
– 8 Year Warranty
– Smallest, lightest in their class
– Unique Pad-Pak (battery/pads cartridge) one replacement
– Unique Pad-Pak with a 4-Year life
– Free replacement Pad-Paks when used in rescue
– Free soft carry case & response kit