Instantaneous Fire Couplings

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Instantaneous fire couplings have a female spring loaded catch that clips behind the lip of the male fitting. The couplings provide a straightforward solution to connect many lengths of hose together and can be easily disconnected by twisting or pulling the release mechanism. Instantaneous couplings come with a 2½" nominal male and female bore head as standard and are manufactured in accordance with BS 336. They have a maximum working pressure of 16 Bar (232 psi) and are available with a variety of different sized hose tails, BSPP male and female threads, adaptors, end caps and plugs on the reverse.

At PAR, our range of fire hose couplings are supplied in either aluminium or gunmetal and are primarily used in water delivery applications by the fire brigade and in agriculture. They are also utilised as an industrial hose coupling and are the fitting of choice on layflat hose assemblies. The double rib construction of the male and female hose tail allows for the use of wire binding, which ensures that a secure connection between the coupling and the hose is achieved.