Spill Kits

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Whether you’re dealing with a small chemical spill or an industrial scale oil spill, our emergency spill kits are specially designed to help you to respond to any type of spill quickly and effectively. Our vast range includes chemical, maintenance and oil kits, as well as specialist spill kits, all of which are suitable for different environments.

Some of our emergency spill kits are available in wheeled bins, whilst others come in static drums, plastic bags and metal cupboards. Pick the spill kit that suits your needs and buy securely online using our dedicated website.

Our chemical, maintenance and oil kits are yellow in colour meaning they are easy to identify in an emergency spill situation and highly visible. Some of the most common items included in a spill kit are absorbent socks, different types of pads, cushions, shovel, caution tape roll and drain plug covers.

To help comply with regulations where there is a potential for coming in contact with hazardous substances, employers need to provide for immediate remedial action and an appropriate emergency response.