Swift Water Rescue Gloves

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Palm pro gloves are great for swift water rescue. These water rescue gloves offer a neoprene element for warmth and they also incorporate an armortex element for enhanced levels of durability while doing rope access work.

Palm Equipment has designed the Pro Glove for use in swift water rescue training and also "live" emergency situations. They are also great gloves for rope access where you may be working in very wet environments. The Palm Pro Glove features a split 2mm neoprene / amara construction. The 2mm neoprene has been used on the back of the hands and this offers reasonable levels of warmth while also offering some extra padding on the fingers. The amara has then been used on palm and also between the fingers for the best levels of dexterity and performance. The amara on the palm has then been reinforced with armortex, this is great as it enhances the levels of durabilty of these water rescue gloves. It also offers protection to the hands if you have a rope pulling through at speed. There is an adjustable cuff which makes it easy to get the gloves on and off. When the glove is on, there is a second adjustment strap which holds it firmly in place on the hand of the water rescue technician.